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Project management at your fingertips

Melle, Germany – For 15 years, Merlin Project has been at the heart of all project managers on the Mac. Now with the new version ProjectWizards also makes the iPad a powerful project tool. Apple’s magic tablet attracts everyone. Whether holding it up like a piece of paper in a meeting, appreciating its light weight when travelling, or using it as an intuitive tool and letting your fingers fly over its glass: Everyone loves the iPad. So it was obvious for ProjectWizards to prepare their favorite tool for the next decade. Now users have their projects within reach: Move Gantt bars and Kanban cards with just one finger and effortlessly wipe through large project plans. Experience all the powerful...

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Numerics makes Siri aware of your business metrics

Mumbai, India – Numerics 6, the latest version of the realtime business dashboard app, integrates deeply with Siri to deliver a handsfree experience of tracking business performance metrics. Customers can ask Siri questions about metrics tracked in their Numerics dashboards to hear Siri respond with a spoken brief for that KPI. Each visualization has a carefully designed spoken description that provides deeper insight into the metric via Siri, without opening the app. This makes Numerics usable in a handsfree, voice only mode and hence compatible with HomePods and AirPods. So users can ask Siri about a metric on their dashboard using any Siri device and be instantly updated with the latest numbers. “Being a native app on the Apple...

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New Black Eye Pro Kit G4 – A One-Kit Solution for Pro Mobile Photography

Helsinki, Finland – Close ups of the 1000 lb. brown bear with claws thick, sharp, and strong. Capturing the breadth of the massive fjords of Norway jetting from the earth. These are the unique and challenging shots pro photographer Damon Beckford captures with Black Eye’s new Pro Kit G4, using its three new high-quality Pro phone lenses and just his smartphone camera to achieve professional-level photography while traveling on adventures. Black Eye’s Pro Kit G4 is a one-kit solution for pro-level mobile photography and filmmaking. It features three new Pro lenses – the Pro Portrait Tele G4, Pro Fisheye G4, and Pro Cinema Wide G4. The durable, compact travel case makes it easy and convenient to travel with the...

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iPliable Provides Entertaining Gem-Busting Action on the iPhone

Paris, France – Independent developer Smartphone Pliable is proud to announce the release and immediate availability of iPliable 1.0, their entertaining new arcade game for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Android devices. Players must aim and release their magnetic ball, in an effort to clear the board of the dazzling gems before the board fills to the top. iPliable is based on the popular Mac game Snap, bringing the gem-busting excitement of the larger screen to mobile gaming lovers. Releasing the ball and sending it flying to smash a cluster of same colored gems will clear the whole group. The physics-based game offers elements of Tetris, Columns, and other popular gem-based challenges, while adding its own quirky twist to...

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Amperes 3.0.4 released for iOS – The only Battery App worth having

Albany, New York – CrioSoft LLC today is pleased to announce the release and immediate availability of Amperes 3.0.4, an important update to the company’s popular battery information app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. With Amperes, you can check your battery charging rates of your chargers, and even the quality of your wires. It’s an app that every iPhone or iPad owner must have on their devices. Amperes will show you the remaining runtimes for different activities and the most critical info about your device, such as remaining space, free memory, and abnormal thermal status of your device – if it’s in normal or overheated state, and if so – whether you should let your device to...

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World’s largest text-based MMORPG TORN launches on iOS

London, United Kingdom – Wannabe kingpins and criminal barons around the world can celebrate today as game publisher and developer TORN LTD. announced that its long-running MMORPG TORN has launched on iOS mobiles and tablets. Beginning life as a 16-year-old college dropouts’ bedroom project, the game boasts over 27,000 daily active users (up 35% from 2018) and has enjoyed an incredible 14-year success on desktop as players indulge their deepest desires to become rulers of this gritty virtual underworld. Playing out as a sandbox, text-based adventure, gamers begin life as a low-level street criminal, rising through the ranks of TORN City’s criminal underworld by forming alliances with 2 million players worldwide, trading for better resources and by taking part...

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