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Sharing your travel journal Using iBooks Author App

Sharing your travel journal Using iBooks Author App

Sharing your travel journal Using iBooks Author App
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It’s time to show off your professional-style iBooks Author project with the world. Here’s how that’s done…


With your travel journal complete in iBooks Author it’s time to get it off the app and shared with your friends, family or even the wider world. There’s a couple of ways you can go about this. By default, hitting the Publish button in the top toolbar will take you through the motions of publishing your iBooks Author project to iTunes, ready to be downloaded by anyone. This, however, involves a pretty lengthy setup process and may well be overkill if you’re only planning on sharing it with family and friends.


If you are thinking of going down the iTunes route, you’ll need to decide whether you’re giving away your travel journal free or setting a price to download (this will dictate the type of account you’ll need). If that all sounds like too much hassle, though, follow this quick guide and find out how to distribute your travel journal for free.


1: Start the share

To start the sharing process, head to Share>Send via Mail and select the iBooks for iPad option in the menu bar. This brings up a new Mail window with the right iBooks attachment.


2: Heed the warning

As with any multimedia iBooks Author project, file sizes can get particularly big. iBooks Author will warn you of this and it’s certainly something you’ll want to consider when sending via email.


3: Signed, sealed, delivered

In the new Mail window that opens, you’ll notice that iBooks Author has already attached the correct file. All that’s left for you to do is to enter the recipients details and a short message


4: Export for Dropbox

If you feel your project is looking too big to send via email, why not upload to Dropbox? To do this, head to Share>Export and select the iBooks file format from the options.


5: Destination Dropbox

In the Save dialogue that appears, set your save destination as Dropbox and ensure you give it a name that’s easy to remember and link to at a later date when you share it.


6: On the iPad

Once your friends and family receive your travel journal email, a long tap on the iBooks file will present a few options. The final step is to hit Open in iBooks and enjoy the project!