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How to Edit And Organize Your Images With iPhoto App

How to Edit And Organize Your Images With iPhoto App

How to Edit And Organize Your Images With iPhoto App
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When it comes to collating great snaps and ensuring they look as good as they can, no app is easier or more effective than iPhoto. It’s easy to get carried away and take thousands of photos while you’re away, so we’d recommend picking out your favourites and creating albums to easily sort them.

This will help when it comes to importing them into iBooks Author. Doing this is simple; just select your favourite photos (select multiple photos by holding the Command key), and hitting Create> Album. Give the album a name and you’ll be able to easily recall those favourite images when it comes to creating your iBook.

Here’s a quick guide to editing your favourite shots ready for your travel journal…


Step-by-step Quick edits for holiday photos

1: Crop it down

If you feel your subject isn’t quite the centre of attention, a quick crop will help. Select the Crop tool from the Edit sidebar and work away! This will also help keep your photo’s file size down.

2: Enhance away

For a quick fix, select the Enhance tool from the Edit sidebar. This will automatically adjust your image’s colours to get things looking right. You can always adjust or undo if needs be.

3: Going granular

Making more granular edits is a must if you’re serious about image editing. Click on the Adjust tab in the Edit sidebar and work with the sliders to really get the most out of your photos.