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Tips And Tricks For Android Root Apps

Tips And Tricks For Android Root Apps

Most of the android phones you buy come with rooted apps. These rooted apps are hard to modify and customize. Sometimes they unnecessarily clog the phone memory rather than being useful to the user. In such cases you can consider removing the android root apps. However, you must at first understand that removing or failed attempt to customize the android root apps can have serious consequences if you are not an expert user. So try to deal with the root apps only if you have good understanding about them.


To clear the clogging default apps it can be hectic if you do not know the proper methods of doing it. Set for the home button and then press the file explorer program. Go to the root folder of your phone system. Generally it is the top folder. If you don’t find it on the top you need to search for it in the system folder. Under system folder there will be another app folder. Open it to find the app you want to delete. A quick tip is to look for the oddly named ones. Tap on it and see if a pop up appears or not. Delete the app from there. This way you want remove all the unwanted rooted apps.


A secret tips on making files and apps unusable is changing the extension of it that android does not support. This will make the OS to deactivate the program but will not remove it completely.


We must repeat here that, removing android root apps is risky. If you are completely new in doing it, you may end up uninstalling the entire OS and then reinstalling it fully. Make sure to read the warning notification you get. Understand the future consequences before removing android root apps.