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Free Android Apps Download – Learn To Extract

Free Android Apps Download – Learn To Extract

The prime advantage that being the reason of android apps extreme popularity across the globe is users can easily copy, delete, update, share and even extract the apps outside the market place. Of all these, extracting is the best way as this provides you with an option to keep the app on storage in another device.


Free android apps download and extracting follows two different pathways based on the built in file system. If you have Astro file manager system then open the Astro app and click on its Tools. From there press on the Application Manager or Backup option. You will find numbers of apps with check in boxes against them. You need to check or uncheck the box against each app that you either want to extract or keep it as it is. If you want to extract any app checking the box alone will suffice but if you want to create back up you need to press the back up button. All the backup folders will appear and from there select the app and hold it till a pop up menu appears. Once the pop up menu appears click on send option for someone else to extract.


If your phone has Titanium back up system you need to run it then tap on the app icon to create back up and once the back up is done press and hold the app till a pop up menu appears. Once the menu appears, click on the send button. You will be all done with your extraction.


Free android apps download does not require much technical expertise for extraction, installation and back up creation. However, you need to know how to do it to stay blessed with an android phone. Follow the above steps to properly extract and back up your free android apps download.