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WaterField Unveils iPad Mini Travel Case in New High-Performance Textile

San Francisco, California – WaterField Designs, an innovative San-Francisco designer and manufacturer of handcrafted bags and cases for digital gear, unveils the iPad Mini Travel Case. The new custom-fitted iPad mini case organizes and safeguards the iPad mini 5, Apple Pencil 2, charger, and AirPods in a high-tech, water-resistant Italian textile or in ballistic nylon, each lined with ultra-plush padding. Its agile, high-performance materials and compact portability make the new iPad mini case effective for students and creatives, air travelers and sightseers, or just about any type of professional on the go. “With the iPad mini’s improved Wi-Fi and camera, we think you will be inclined to take it along when you travel,” said company owner Gary Waterfield, “so...

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Shopping Guru 1.0 introduced for iOS – Plan, Shop and Save with Amazon

Lexington, Massachusetts – Lexington, Massachusetts – Cloud Nine Apps, LLC. is proud to announce the release of Shopping Guru 1.0, a free iOS app to plan, shop and save with Amazon with a novel approach. The app makes it easy to make a goal driven purchases by organizing these into projects. Choose from built-in templates to create projects or start from scratch. With several useful features like price drop alerts, managing ad hoc items purchases, a savings dashboard, Shopping Guru is a perfect shopping companion. Online shopping has been popular for many years now. It is fast and convenient with lots of choices. But, have you ever wondered what all should you buy for a given goal? What would...

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Enjoy a Cute Toon Adventure Based on Physics in an Addictive Mobile Game

Zurich, Switzerland – Independent developer, Colin Kaufmann has recently released Rescue Beary, his wave and water physics-based mobile game. Rescue Beary enables users to enjoy a toon adventure while using their brain muscles to create ripples and save a poor, drowning bear. The game starts with Beary’s plane crashing into the ocean and the cute Beary trying to swim helplessly to the shore. And that’s when the action starts. The user has to help Beary come to the shore but not by pushing or pulling. Users can tap on the screen to create ripples and use other creative items to push Beary to the shore. But it can’t be as simple as that! Yes, there’s food on the way...

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Singapore Studio Launches Game To Remember Founding, Father Lee Kuan Yew

Singapore – Alpha Beta Omega today released Marina Bay Billionaire Clicker 1.1, its first mobile game title for iOS. This clicker game allows players to rebuild the entire Marina Bay skyline, by attracting millions of tourists through the use of influencer pictures; created by tapping furiously on the screen. “We created this simple game as a tribute to the late Minister Mentor and founding father, Lee Kuan Yew. Our game challenges players to rebuild Marina Bay to what it is today, as he once described it – “a beautiful skyline, absolutely world class”. That’s why we made this game,” says Michael Khoo, CEO of Alpha Beta Omega. 23rd March marks the fourth year of Lee Kuan Yew’s death anniversary....

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iOS App Tracks and Reminds Users of Their Upcoming Medical Injections

Albany, New York – Independent development team CrioSoft is proud to announce the release and immediate availability of Injection Tracker & Reminder 1.6.9, the important update to their popular medical injection tracking app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. The app tracks patients’ injection schedules, reminding them when an injection has been missed. The app is highly customizable, making it easy to adapt the app to anyone’s unique needs. Injection Tracker & Reminder not only tracks medical injection schedules, it also aids patients by rotating injection zones, tracking the remaining quantity of the medication, and saving a history of all injection administrations. The app allows customizations of notification alerts and colors. “Injection Tracker & Reminder was originally designed...

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Satisfy your Sweet Craving with Ice Cream Sim Bamba Ice Cream 2

Singapore – Mezmedia Pte Ltd. is happy to announce Bamba Ice Cream 2, the long-awaited sequel to Bamba’s super popular ice-cream making game for iOS and Android devices. Fans have long asked for a sequel to the original released over 5 years ago, and their patience have been rewarded. In Bamba Ice Cream 2, we have made this ice-cream making simulation more fun and more engaging. We’ve given the player the freedom to create the ice cream dish of their dreams, there are endless possibilities and combinations due to the variety of ingredients, flavours, toppings to choose from in the app. Players can choose to make a perfect looking triple-scoop chocolate-chip gelato with a cherry on top, or a...

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