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Math Classroom Challenge 1.20 – Enhanced Math Panels & Rocket

Barcelona, Spain – Titan Deep Space Company today is pleased to inform that Math Classroom Challenge (MCC) has been updated to version 1.20. MCC, the kids version of Math Combat Challenge, is now available for iPhone and iPad, and iPod touch. Developed with Metal API, MCC is an educational and interactive game that generates random math exercises in an safe 3D environment for children. New features: This new version has some new elements. Specifically: The new button that allows to generate random math dynamic panels manually can be pushed twice. Just touch the button and a random problem will appear as usual. Throw water to the right solution with your water hose. If you don’t push the button, random...

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Find Them All: My Pets for iOS – Interactive Educational App

Paris, France – Knbmedia today is pleased to introduce Find Them All: My Pets for iOS, the fourth in their series of “Find Them All” Educational apps for kids 2 – 8. A guided introduction, entirely spoken in 8 languages, to 48 different pets. The 100% interactive app features 7 different activities, including: Match the Pet, Win an Animated Card, Take a Photo, Find the Pet in the Dark, Make a Jigsaw Puzzle from a Photo, Play the Quiz and Watch Videos. My Pets also allows kids to arrange all the cards they win in a virtual album, keep a photo album of all the photos they take, and print, fold, cut out and paste their own paper albums....

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iOS Business App Awards – 2017 Tabby Awards Recognizes 19 Apps

San Diego, California – The Tabby Awards has announced the winners of the 2017 iPad and iPhone Business App Awards competition. 19 iOS business and enterprise apps – 11 for iPads and 8 for iPhones – were recognized for their excellence and leadership. Winners included apps from Workday, Slack, Salesforce, Zoom, Quickbooks, Square, and Trello. “With over 300,000 business apps available today on iOS, our iPhone/iPad app award winners are positioned within the top 0.01% of a fiercely competitive marketplace,” commented Matt Harney, Executive Producer of the Tabby Awards. “Each year the ‘consumerization’ of business IT increases. Business users expect the apps they use for their work to deliver the same smooth interfaces and quality design they experience with...

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Faber Acoustical Releases SignalScope X for iOS as a Free Download

Lehi, Utah – Faber Acoustical’s SignalScope X brings powerful new tools for dynamic signal analysis and data acquisition to iOS and replaces all the functionality currently found in SignalScope Pro, SignalSuite, IOScope, and RoomScope with subscription-based tool sets. For the first time ever in an iOS app from Faber Acoustical, SignalScope X may be downloaded for free. The user can then start a 7-day free trial of the Pro Tool Set Subscription. Without a subscription, the user is free to continue to use SignalScope X’s multi-channel Oscilloscope tool. SignalScope X is available for download on the App Store, now. The original SignalScope and SignalSuite for iPhone were available for download on the opening day of the iPhone App Store....

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Empowering Community-Based App Officially Launches in iTunes

Tampa, Florida – WishAlerts, the m-commerce app that grants “wishes” made by its users, expanded into the US market by officially launching today in the iTunes App store. WishAlerts links communities by allowing users in the same geographical area to connect with others to share information about common interests such as favorite topics, events, groups, or about local businesses. The app lets users join or create local interest groups, find or host events, get reviews about local businesses, and make wishes. For example, to find a romantic restaurant for an upcoming anniversary, the user enters their wish, and the distance around them that they want information from and, within seconds, users receive unique offers from nearby businesses. Or if...

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Blood of Patriots 90s Arcade Fighting Game Reborn With Political Figures

Marina Del Rey, California – Driven by nostalgic love of the arcade fighting games of the 1990s, 12 to 6 Studios LLC is proud to announce Blood of Patriots 1.0 for iOS and Android devices. The fighting classics of the 90s have been reborn with an infusion of today’s political satire. Choose one of seventeen characters from a mix of presidents, vice presidents, a few senators and 1 judo champion and fight your way through the “Tree of Liberty.” An evil force, lurking in the shadows, threatens our democracy. It is up to you to refresh the tree of liberty and save the republic. Are you the last true patriot? “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time...

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