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jS Run Pro – Running Tracker for Music Lovers and the Safety Conscious

Zurich, Switzerland – Circulos GmbH is pleased to announce the release of jS Run Pro – Running, Walking and Step Tracker 1.1, a pro level running tracker app for iPhone and iPod touch. jS Run Pro is designed to complement the runner by measuring their performance to help them reach their goals and take away all distractions so they can concentrate on their workout. Gesture Controls: Music is a great motivator for runners; jS Run Pro is comprehensively equipped with a range of features to make each run a joy. Whether it is listening to music stored on their device or via Apple Music, the user can control playback safely using glance free gestures. In addition, shortcuts to Apple...

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Bumper Car Mania now Multiplayer and Multi-platform

Farmers Branch, Texas – Magnin & Associates today is proud to announce the release of Bumper Car Mania 2.1, an update to their popular game title on iOS, Android, and Windows 10. Bumper Car Mania lets you enjoy the thrill of bumper cars on your phone, tablet or PC. Bumper Car Mania supports four different types of gameplay: * Normal rink with barrier down the middle * Open rink without center barrier * Sumo-style (knock opponents out of playing area) * Soccer (requires playing online) Just lean the phone to speed up, slow down, backup, and steer. Phones vibrates on “impact” on devices which support it. On Windows 10 PC, can use Xbox One controller or simple keyboard commands....

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Wicked Custom Stickers Introduces Selfie Creation to iMessage

Tempe, Arizona – Cloud Hidden Designs, LLC today announced the release of Wicked Custom Stickers, the most advanced and flexible iMessage app for creating and customizing stickers and communicating with friends and colleagues. Its unique automated selfie design technology provides users with the ability to create stickers from photos that may include selfies, pictures of pets or any other images that a user chooses. Wicked Custom Stickers can also be shared with the entire suite of Wicked apps, including Wicked Brainstorm and the upcoming Wicked Buckets, thereby enhancing collaboration among all users. The stickers are fun, professional, and totally suitable for work, school and home. Wicked Custom Stickers includes a multitude of stickers with popular phrases and urban slang....

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A Precise Qibla Compass Direction for Muslim Prayer (English & Arabic)

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Independent developer, Nada Fahim today is proud to announce the release and immediate availability of Qibla Compass Direction (English & Arabic) 1.03 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Have you ever been out and about somewhere where there is no designated space for prayers? So you pick a secluded, clean spot and prepare to pray. But wait! You don’t know which direction to pray in and you’ve forgotten your compass. Well… fret not! Qibla Compass Direction enables the user to pinpoint the direction of Mecca in the most precise way. A must app for all Muslims, this invaluable app features a compass and Qibla direction finder that points accurately towards the Kaaba from practically...

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Jot: The Simple List and Task Manager Makes Productivity Simple and Easy

Plano, Texas – Independent developer, Luis Gonzalez is pleased to announce the release of Jot: The Simple List and Task Manager 1.1 for iPhone and iPad. Jot aims to be a simple yet robust solution to a productivity market that is overcrowded with applications that are bogged down by their attempt to do too much. When a tool promises to streamline hectic thoughts and schedules, it is important the app is not slowed down by its interface and excessive features. Therefore, Jot was designed to look beautiful and be easy to use by sticking to the bare necessities expected of a list and task manager while continuing to be a powerful tool to boost productivity. Jot Includes: Expansive Lists:...

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Almost-Live With App Gains New Users, Brings IM to New Frontiers

Wilmington, Delaware – Instant messaging has become a de facto method of communication throughout the world, but Almost-Live With (ALW) has taken it to new frontiers and in the process, gained a significant number of new users to participate in this vibrant, real-time communication platform. Much more than a simple IM app, ALW brings meaningful communication to the table, with the ability to enjoy clear and completely free voice calling, voice messages, chats and text messaging with anyone, anywhere in the world. “We recognized that people need different types of communications at different times and under different circumstances” said ALW World founder Mo Amir. “Definitely available tools offer plenty of options, but individually come short in key features &...

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