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How to Edit Your Videos In iMovie App

How to Edit Your Videos In iMovie App

How to Edit Your Videos In iMovie App
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When it comes to including video in your interactive travel journal the key here is to keep file sizes down. This is especially important if you’ve been recording your travels on a modern camera that shoots in HD. The trick is to choose an export option that leaves you with a small size, without compromising on quality. We’re opting for the Medium preset here.


Step-By-Step: A Crash Course In iMovie Editing


1: Drag those clips in

Create a new project in iMovie. Import your video and drag the footage you want to use into the project timeline to get it up and running.

2: Transitions

Add some transitions to your timeline to smoothen out the jump from shot to shot – just drag them in from the Transitions menu in the bottom-right.

3: Add a score

To make your video that little bit more engaging, drag in some of your music from the Music and Sound Effects window. Why not drop in a favourite summer tune?

4: Save it

Finally, hit Cmd+E to take your iMovie project to the Export menu, playing close attention to your export size presets and the size of the file they create.