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How to Create A Holiday Audio Diary In Garageband

How to Create A Holiday Audio Diary In Garageband

How to Create A Holiday Audio Diary In Garageband
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Creating an audio diary of your holiday may seem a little unusual, but it’s a great way of capturing the atmosphere of your trip, particularly when you don’t have a camera to hand. Recording the diary itself is easy and can even be done in Apple’s own Voice Memos app on iOS (although there are plenty of third-party apps and recording solutions out there should you be aiming for a seriously high-quality recording).

When you’re recording, try to think of situations where an interesting sound could be captured or where speaking to someone who is with you may yield some interesting reactions (such as when they’re eating a new dish for the first time and asking them how it tastes). Once you’ve got your audio, fire up GarageBand and drag in those sound bites, then follow the guide below to create a holiday audio diary.


Editing Your Holiday Audio Diary

Key pointers for the perfect vacation podcast

Drag in audio

Adding your recorded audio to GarageBand is as simple as dragging it in – from there it’s just a case of chopping it up and arranging it in a logical order to form your audio diary

Podcast presets

When creating this speech-dominant project, we opted to use GarageBand’s standard Podcast template – while it is the most useful, you’ll still want to turn down that Master Reverb on each track so things don’t sound spacey.

Sound and music

As well as recordings of voices, we’ve used some ambient sound recorded during the holiday as well as an additional music track to keep things sounding interesting and entertaining – just watch the tracks don’t end up competing with each other

Ducking and diving

Although we’ve used a little manual volume automation on our Ambient sounds track, all the other levels are manually controlled by GarageBand’s Ducking feature, which dims backing tracks when people are speaking over the top


GarageBand’s Export settings


1: Sharing is caring

When you’re happy with your audio diary, head to Share>Export Podcast to Disk to start the saving process and bring up some more options.

2: Select Spoken

As the majority of this podcast involves speech, we’ve chosen the Spoken Podcast preset and used the MP3 Encoder for the best file size.