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Create a summer travel journal in iLife and iBooks Author Apps

Create a summer travel journal in iLife and iBooks Author Apps

Create a summer travel journal in iLife and iBooks Author Apps
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Combine iLife and iBook s Author to create an interactive travel journal of your summer travels


There are plenty of apps you already have on your Mac as well as a free one from the Mac App Store, so you’ll need very little extra to get started. First of all download iBooks Author from the Mac App Store for free, it’s a highly powerful and intuitive set of tools that enables you to create rich, interactive iBook’s that can be shared with friends and family and viewed on the iPad. Better still, iBook’s Author benefits from that brilliant, Apple-only  feature of being fully integrated with the rest of Apple’s stock Mac apps.


One of the biggest caveats with this projects, though, is that iBooks Author projects can get pretty big, making them far more difficult to share. With that in mind, we’ve set out how to help you keep your projects small in size, using some compression settings in each of the apps.

Once you’ve grabbed your apps, selected your source material, edited away and compiled it in your brilliant iBooks Author project, we’ll show you how best to share it with your family and friends without spending time or money. Even if you’ve not been travelling the world this summer, there’s no reason why you can’t document the town or city that surrounds you and the memories you’ve made there. Whatever you do, though, be sure to share it with us, we’d love to see what you’ve created. Above all else, enjoy this awesome creative project!





iBook’s Author

The most important app for this project is iBook’s Author. At the center of this creative project is iBook’s Author. As a free download from the Mac App Store, there’s no excuse not to have this insanely creative and powerful app in your Mac’s Dock.



Apple’s ever-faithful movie making software comes in handy yet again, helping us to edit that holiday footage into some stunning clips that will help take your interactive summer travel journal to the next level.


Garage Band

Far from being just an app for creating tunes, we’re using Garage Band to create our own audio travel diary with its ultra-powerful podcasting tools – all you need to make a start is your memories committed to tape.



With some stunning shots of your travels to share, it was inevitable that iPhoto would make an appearance, helping us to make the most of your photos and import directly into your exciting iBooks Author project.


Make the most of video

Don’t let that video you recorded on your last trip sit dormant. Edit it in iMovie and import it straight into iBooks Author to take your interactive travel journal to the next level