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AudioFile for iOS 1.0 – Find Your Voice Memos

Houston, Texas – Independent developer Stephen Morris today is proud to introduce AudioFile – Voice Memo Notes 1.0 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices, his intuitive, easy-to-use audio recorder that features tags, notes, and more to help you find your voice memos and use them later. AudioFile provides a number of ways for users to organize and augment their voice memos. In addition to a title, recordings have notes that can include both text and photos. Tags serve as attributes that help to identify a recording’s contents and surface it later on when searching. Projects allow users to group recordings that pertain to the same work. Users can also mark their favorite recordings, so that they can quickly...

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Follywood Presents #Pandamonium, Where Ridiculous Happens

Toronto, Canada – Basebone Studios today is proud to introduce Follywood – Dub Movies 2.2, their entertaining video dubbing app for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Android devices. Ever want to put your words in the mouth of others to make a point? Or maybe express yourself through parodies and pandas? Introducing Follywood, the ultimate Dubbing App that allows you to instantly record audio over your favourite film clips, viral videos, and videos of your own! Available today in the App Store and Google Play. Follywood allows you to record your voice over short movies and share on social media and chat. Now with subtitles you can rewrite the script and become a Follywood Director! You don’t need any...

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Babble-on Wants Trump to "Make American Apps Multilingual Again"

San Francisco, California – Babble-on Inc., a leading app localization service for iOS, Android, and Windows applications, has vowed to return American apps to multilingual glory. The company is asking patriotic corporations and loyal indie developers to send their English app strings for translation into any of the world’s not-English languages, like Spanish, Japanese, or Canadian. Developers answering the call of duty will receive 10% off the first-time localization of their apps until February. “If America is going to keep winning – and I think that’s exactly what the President aims to do – we have to put our USA apps into every home, hut, and hovel in the world,” says Benjamin Zadik, the company’s founder. He further warns...

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Piano Chords and Scales 3.0 for iOS – Major Upgrade Available

Riga, Latvia – Sincere Apps SIA is pleased to announce the release of Piano Chords and Scales 3.0, an important feature update to their popular music app developed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. Piano Chords and Scales allows you to understand all the piano theory related to chords, scales and song composing. The true goal for creating this app was to lower the barrier for an individual to start playing and understanding piano, and how all the theory comes together and how songs can be composed. Piano Chords and Scales lets you explore and learn huge collections of chords, scales, chord progressions and compose songs in an intuitive and interactive way. It is helpful for piano players...

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TabbyAwards Announces App and Gaming Awards for iPhone and iPad

San Diego, California – The Tabby Awards has announced the iPad and iPhone winners from the 2017 Mobile App Awards and Mobile Game Awards competitions. With nearly 2.4 million (non-game) consumer apps available in the App Store, the app award winners are positioned in the top 0.003% of iOS mobile apps. iOS App Award Highlights: Award-winning iOS apps included Netflix, Twitter, Lyft, Starbucks, Quora, and The Economist. iOS Game Award Highlights: Award-winning iOS games included MARVEL Contest of Champions, NBA Live Mobile Basketball, Minecraft, My Singing Monsters, and Clash Royale. Game publishers with multiple iOS award winners included Supercell, Electronic Arts, Playrix and Gameloft. With over 700,000 games available today on iOS, the event’s mobile gaming award winners represent...

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CARROT Launches Public Offering on Netcapital

Royal Oak, Michigan – CARROT pass, LLC today announced a public stock offering through the Netcapital online crowdfunding platform. CARROT’s innovative health and wellness program, which features the “CARROT Wellness” mobile app, uses a gamified approach and instant gratification to deliver unrivaled engagement and results in motivating people to lead more active lives. “There’s nothing like CARROT in the marketplace today. We’re a mobile gaming company, and we’ve used that experience and expertise to create a ‘gamified’ program that truly motivates even the most sedentary employee,” said CARROT founder and CEO Michael Antaran. CARROT’s patent-pending, “set-it-and-forget-it” program uses personalized goals, generated daily by CARROT’s proprietary algorithm, and instant gratification to motivate employees on an individual basis. This – and...

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