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Sharing your travel journal Using iBooks Author App

  It’s time to show off your professional-style iBooks Author project with the world. Here’s how that’s done…   With your travel journal complete in iBooks Author it’s time to get it off the app and shared with your friends, family or even the wider world. There’s a couple of ways you can go about this. By default, hitting the Publish button in the top toolbar will take you through the motions of publishing your iBooks Author project to iTunes, ready to be downloaded by anyone. This, however, involves a pretty lengthy setup process and may well be overkill if you’re only planning on sharing it with family and friends.   If you are thinking of going down the...

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How to Edit And Organize Your Images With iPhoto App

  When it comes to collating great snaps and ensuring they look as good as they can, no app is easier or more effective than iPhoto. It’s easy to get carried away and take thousands of photos while you’re away, so we’d recommend picking out your favourites and creating albums to easily sort them. This will help when it comes to importing them into iBooks Author. Doing this is simple; just select your favourite photos (select multiple photos by holding the Command key), and hitting Create> Album. Give the album a name and you’ll be able to easily recall those favourite images when it comes to creating your iBook. Here’s a quick guide to editing your favourite shots ready...

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How to Create A Holiday Audio Diary In Garageband

Creating an audio diary of your holiday may seem a little unusual, but it’s a great way of capturing the atmosphere of your trip, particularly when you don’t have a camera to hand. Recording the diary itself is easy and can even be done in Apple’s own Voice Memos app on iOS (although there are plenty of third-party apps and recording solutions out there should you be aiming for a seriously high-quality recording). When you’re recording, try to think of situations where an interesting sound could be captured or where speaking to someone who is with you may yield some interesting reactions (such as when they’re eating a new dish for the first time and asking them how it...

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How to Edit Your Videos In iMovie App

  When it comes to including video in your interactive travel journal the key here is to keep file sizes down. This is especially important if you’ve been recording your travels on a modern camera that shoots in HD. The trick is to choose an export option that leaves you with a small size, without compromising on quality. We’re opting for the Medium preset here.   Step-By-Step: A Crash Course In iMovie Editing   1: Drag those clips in Create a new project in iMovie. Import your video and drag the footage you want to use into the project timeline to get it up and running. 2: Transitions Add some transitions to your timeline to smoothen out the jump...

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Creating Your Journal With iBooks Author

    With your media ready to go, it’s time to dive into iBooks Author and put the finishing touches to your project   You’ll soon come to realise that iBooks Author is the perfect combination between power and creativity – enabling you to create awesome interactive books using an interface that’s insanely familiar and easy to get to grips with.   How you go about creating your own travel guide will vary, depending very much on how you’ve decided to document your time away. We’ve put together a guide that should give you enough knowledge to take this project as far as you’d like to. The beauty of iBooks Author is that it does a lot of the...

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Create a summer travel journal in iLife and iBooks Author Apps

  Combine iLife and iBook s Author to create an interactive travel journal of your summer travels   There are plenty of apps you already have on your Mac as well as a free one from the Mac App Store, so you’ll need very little extra to get started. First of all download iBooks Author from the Mac App Store for free, it’s a highly powerful and intuitive set of tools that enables you to create rich, interactive iBook’s that can be shared with friends and family and viewed on the iPad. Better still, iBook’s Author benefits from that brilliant, Apple-only  feature of being fully integrated with the rest of Apple’s stock Mac apps.   One of the biggest...

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