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Endangered Animals – Practise statistics – New educational iPad app

Reykjavik, Iceland – Gebo Kano ehf. today is proud to announce the release of Endangered Animals – Practise Statistics 1.0, a new educational title developed for iPad. Endangered Animals – Practise Statistics is a statistics, nature knowledge and math education rolled into one. Learn about animals in danger and other environmental issues through an interactive trip through statistics and facts. Learn statistical concepts * The mode * Least value * Greatest value * The median * The mean Create and read charts and tables * Frequency tables * Line charts * Bar charts * Pie Charts Endangered Animals – Practise statistics is an interactive educational material for children aged 9 to 12. The app contains realistic projects about statistics...

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Geeks vs Gangsters – An Addictive Idle Experience

Linkenheim-Hochstetten, Germany – After a lot of polishing, Idle Game Studio today is very pleased to announce the release of Geeks vs Gangsters 1.0.1, the company’s new mobile idle game for iOS and Android devices. Gigantic amounts of money, thousands of upgrades and near limitless possibilities through an extensive talent system are waiting to be discovered in Geeks vs Gangsters. In a struggle for wealth and power, the two iconic factions, Geeks and Gangsters, are battling each other in the form of monthly competitions to finally settle which path leads to true prosperity. It’s up to you who is going to take the lead, are you a Geek or are you a Gangster? “I love idle games. I’ve played...

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Brilliantly Original New Interactive Story App Troubled Waters Launches

Phoenix, Arizona – People in search of an immersive new interactive story app that blends an emotionally gripping storyline with creative and addictive “what will happen next?” gameplay, can now head to the App Store or Google Play and download the new release Troubled Waters by 4 Deuces Gaming, LLC. Unlike most interactive story apps that are predictable, boring and forgettable, Troubled Waters is a brilliantly original offering that dials up the intrigue and drama right away. Here’s the back story: a teenager named Alex sneaks on an ocean voyage, and as a result of this illicit transgression is thrown overboard. Miraculously however, Alex doesn’t perish. Instead, a single possession: an old two-way radio that could stop working at...

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AirTurn Releases New STOMP 6 for Music Performance Management in OnSong

Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania – AirTurn, Inc. has announced the release of the STOMP 6 a wireless, six switch foot pedal. The STOMP 6 connects to any Bluetooth-enabled device and works with hundreds of apps to perform tasks that simplify music performance. OnSong (v1.99992) offers immediate support for the STOMP 6 which allows users to configure 40+ actions per switch. Musicians can perform hands-free with digital sheet music and charts that are easy to transpose and always stay organized. For musicians looking to enhance their stage presence, OnSong can also trigger backing tracks, stage lighting and integrate with MIDI-capable instruments, including synthesizers and drum machines, effects processors and apps for complete control. OnSong is the first app to harness the possibilities...

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Pepperjelly app shakes up the way to discover restaurants nationwide

Los Angeles, California – Pepperjelly, one of the most unique apps dedicated to food discovery, today announced its expansion to all major cities across the nation. After a successful soft launch in Los Angeles, Pepperjelly extends its reach from “La-La-Land” to Chicago, New York City, Miami, and beyond. With Pepperjelly, users are able to find restaurants simply by navigating a stream of photos. It’s that easy… Explore the feed. Click on food that looks delicious. Find the restaurant. No more wordy or negative reviews. No more biased or extortionist nonsense. Just awesome pictures posted by real people of mouthwatering food. And the fun doesn’t stop there. With a built-in social network, users can follow friends and other foodies in...

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ZANUM released for iOS – The Next Best Thing to a Real-Life Trainer

Hamburg, Germany – People who want to improve their fitness level, whether that means losing weight, adding muscle, training for a marathon, increasing flexibility, enhancing bone density, or any other healthy goal, can now head to the App Store and download the phenomenal new app ZANUM that isn’t just game-changing, but potentially life-changing as well. ZANUM 1.0.1 aptly derives its name and draws its inspiration from the Latin word “sanum,” which means healthy and real. The app was developed in partnership with professional trainers, who expertly crafted more than 500 detailed exercises from more than 100,000 hours of coaching experience. The ZANUM training algorithm can adjust to virtually everyone, from people seeking a relatively light and easy workout, to...

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