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Mort’s Minions introduced for iOS – A Retro Side-Scrolling RPG Adventure

Cincinnati, Ohio – Base11 Studios, Ltd today is pleased to announce the release of Mort’s Minions 1.0, a retro RPG adventure developed for iPhone and iPad devices. In Mort’s Minions, you are a leader of your people, the rulens. You’re on a quest to understand the mysterious attack of a race your people have lived in harmony with for years, the minions. Travel the 4 worlds, defeat your enemy and look for clues to the origin of the new conflict. “I built a game simple enough that my friends and family would enjoy, but with the depth of customization, reward, and replay-ability found in games that I love,” explained Dan Bellinski, creator of Mort’s Minions. “The game offers something...

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Ultrapop Infinite – Endless Source of Unique Color Filter Combinations

Minsk, Belarus – Ultralab Apps today is excited to announce the release of Ultrapop Infinite, a simple one-button photo editor that draws its inspiration from the colorful custom-designed effects of the Ultrapop series. While the app lacks habitual adjustment tools and filter presets, it is extremely easy to pick up and offers a fun-filled and exciting editing experience every use. Ultrapop Infinite is a lazy way to turn a regular snap in a creative over-the-top digital masterpiece in an instant. The app’s interface is more than laconic with a single button that puts an unexpected mix of peculiar effects on the uploaded image. Every tap of a button produces a one-of-a-kind filter combination, allowing for an unlimited number of...

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UKTV Launches Red Dwarf XI : The Game on mobile

Liversedge, United Kingdom – UKTV, Grant Naylor Productions and GameDigits Ltd. have teamed up to create an action-packed mobile game that ties in with the new series of the multi award-winning TV show Red Dwarf. Players take command of the mining ship Red Dwarf and follow the characters on a journey through deep space, trying to find earth. The game mirrors the episodes within the series and contains additional content written by Doug Naylor specifically for the game. For the first time ever, fans and friends can now play in the Red Dwarf Universe on the App Store anytime, anywhere! Players will experience an explosive mix of arcade, strategy and action games as they journey through their adventure. As...

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myTuner Radio – Major release of version 5 for iOS and Android

Porto, Portugal – myTuner Radio team has been working hard during the last months to give our users the ultimate experience when it comes to listening to the radio. We are proud to announce that version 5 of myTuner Radio is now live for iOS and Android platforms and it brings exciting new features and a revamped design. With myTuner Radio, you can listen to more than 30,000 live AM, FM and Online radio stations from over 150 countries and 1 million podcasts. We are music lovers, so our first and most relevant effort in this new version, was to improve the experience of radio and music listening inside the app. We added some new cool features like a...

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Introducing React iMessage App for iOS – Lock iMessage for a Reaction

Toronto, Canada – FancyTaps, Inc. today is proud to announce the release of React 1.0, a free iMessage app for iOS 10 devices. Giving iOS users the ability to lock a message containing either a text, a photo or a video for a reaction from the message receiver. “We wanted to break the barrier our rush life builds when we communicate,” says Muhammad Hasan, founder and CEO of FancyTaps. “In fact, the moment of watching people’s face reacting to something that has been communicated to them is a highly precious moment that is too good to miss. This is why we developed React, the new iMessage app that will show iOS users the reactions to their texts, photos or...

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Image Sizer is Piczoo Now with a Complete Enhancement in Photo Edit

Xi’an, China – G-Power Team is proud to announce the release of Piczoo 3.0.0, a comprehensive update of the original Image Sizer app for iOS and Android devices. Piczoo offers a whole new design in minimalist style with a better user interactive experience. You will find the app easy and fun to use. Never worry about your photo being plain or boring, you can use filter effects to enhance it, add texts and stickers to decorate it. Make your photos outstanding and unique when sharing out to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. Piczoo has the most convenient Photo Collage & Layout tool, have your photo collage done by very few taps. Modify collage layout manually and freely, support different aspect...

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