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Poker Puzzle Game is the Tetris-Style Poker Challenge for iOS Devices

Pleasanton, California – Independent developer, 4 Pyramids today is pleased to announce the release and immediate availability of Poker Puzzle Game 3.0, the important update to their entertaining poker puzzler for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. Players drop their tiles in an attempt to fill vertical and horizontal lines on an 8 X 8 grid to create high-scoring 5-card poker hands. The better the hand, the higher the score. Poker Puzzle Game is a cross between Poker and Tetris. Players must arrange differently shaped tiles on a grid, in order to create high scoring poker hands. When a horizontal or vertical line is completed, the best 5-card hand from the 8 tiles is ranked. The game ends when...

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Apmato adds Attractions-Editor to create mobile tour and audio guides

Berlin, Germany – TouchingCode presents the apmato online mobile App CMS. The apmato system is very well suited for all kind of businesses that need to present concise information and enhance the communication with their customers. Targeted at retailers, visitor and shopping centers, exhibitions and events, regional boards and tourism organizations the system creates interactive guides (for example city guides or walking tours apps), center apps, audio guides, maps based tour planer and even outdoor activity tracker apps. This service allows users to create, manage and publish mobile applications using template-based interfaces and allows businesses to have their own white-labelled mobile presence at a much lower cost. The flexible and extendible Apmato system builds native mobile apps without the...

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A cracking iOS game for diamond geezers everywhere – He who dares wins

Southampton, United Kingdom – Endless Arcade, a new independent games company from the UK, today is pleased to announce the worldwide release of Diamond Geezer 1.4.1, its debute arcade title developed exclusively for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. You’re a crack and a swipe away from hitting the big time. But will you smash it? You’ve stumbled on a diamond mine in Botswana (as you do!), pickaxe in hand. All you need to do is crack the rocks and swipe as many diamonds as you can before your luck runs out. But be careful not to smash them. And make sure a tap is a tap and a swipe is a swipe – as every diamond geezer knows,...

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Drawizard – A unique gesture based gameplay for your mobile device

Edgewater, New Jersey – Deveci Games today is pleased to announce the release of Drawizard 1.5, a new and exciting magic dueling game developed for iOS and Android devices. Have you ever wanted to twirl a wand and produce destructive spells? Drawizard lets you just do that against waves of enemies and monsters. You start with a lowly wizard with just a single spell, and your objective is to defeat all the bosses and become the ultimate magic wielder. Casting magic takes practice and precision, so let’s take a closer look at how the game works. When you start Drawizard, you’ll be looking at three buttons. Here, you can jump right into the game or customize your wizard before...

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Selfie Box for iOS – Fabulous Filters for Awesome Photos and Portraits

Minsk, Belarus – Ultralab Apps today is pleased to announce the release of Selfie Box 1.2.1, an update to their popular photo and selfie editing app developed exclusively for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. Version 1.2.1 will definitely appeal to selfie makers and photo fans with its new flattering, smoothing effects and function “Beautify” for perfect skin. All of the filters and effects featured in the app were thoroughly created by in house designers to bring out the best in every portrait and selfie. The app’s numerous helpful features include: * Flattering and smoothing effects: The app has packs with tens of different kinds of filters to quickly show a variety of amazing image outputs * Flawless skin:...

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Pokemon GO Bot CrazyBot 1.3.2 Support 2nd-gen Pokemon

London, United Kingdom – CrazyBot Corp. is proud to announce that CrazyBot, the best Bot for Pokemon GO, is now free for a limited time. Offering multi-language support, CrazyBot features an amazing A.I. to captch Pokemons, including auto select best ball and razzberry. Best Pokemon Bot Ever! Killer Features: * Support bossland API, enjoy no captcha botting * Support new Baby Pokemons, up to 251 Pokedex * Amazing dashboard to control everything * Mac OS, Windows cross platform supported * Advanced anti-ban technology * One-click, level 40 * Captcha support * Auto hatch egg, envolve, power up and transfer by custom settings * Multi-language support * Amazing A.I. to captch Pokemons including auto select best ball and razzberry *...

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